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Expressway and Highway

The construction of highways, express roads, single and double-lane highways, associated engineering structures, intercity connection roads, and road expansion and repair works are among the main services of Seza İnşaat in the field of highway construction. Having built hundreds of kilometers of highways with the projects it has completed to date, the experience gained by Seza İnşaat in this field has brought it to an unrivaled position.

Otoyol Görseli
Çimento Fabrikası Görseli

Industrial Facility

Our company, which ensures that the project is carried out meticulously with expert teams at every stage from the beginning of the project to the commissioning of the systems in the construction of various industrial facilities, is among the popular companies in this field in our country.

Dams and Ponds

Our company, which operates as a leading company with its experience in the past in all kinds of dam and pond constructions, both for irrigation and energy production, is taking one step forward with the development of technology every day.

Baraj Görseli
Tünel İnşaatında Kaynak Kıvılcımları

Tunnel Bridge Viaduct

Tunnel - Bridge - Viaduct etc., the production of which requires a completely professional work. Our company, which manufactures structures meticulously, is at the forefront in this sector. In addition, we have two large tunnel projects ongoing. One of these tunnels, Kırık Tunnel, connects the Eastern Anatolia region to the Black Sea Region. Our other ongoing project; Alacabel Tunnel connects the Central Anatolia Region to the Mediterranean Region.

Metro and Railway

Seza İnşaat has made a name for itself with its railway construction projects and takes its expertise in this field one step further every day.

Metro Durağı
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