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Board of Directors

"To Be Among the Best Worldwide"

By successfully undertaking significant projects in transportation, infrastructure, and superstructure, we have become a reputable and trusted company in this period of restructuring Turkey's transportation infrastructure.

At Seza Construction, while focusing on steady growth and development, we continue to strengthen our technical infrastructure, machinery fleet, and the expertise of our technical personnel with each new project. With the confidence and experience gained from our past, our company is becoming stronger every day, leading us to undertake even more comprehensive projects in the new era with our robust technical team.

Working to bring modern transportation networks to cities in every region of our country, from north to south, east to west, we take great pride in contributing to the development and progress of our nation.

Our company, equipped with the capacity to carry out competency-demanding mega projects, undertakes and completes various projects, including highways, railways, expressways, bridges, and tunnels, with high quality and commitment.

Our experienced and strong team is committed to ensuring absolute customer satisfaction in every different project. Within our management approach that focuses on people, we utilize all means to develop the skills and competencies of our employees, allowing them to achieve the highest level of productivity in their work by embracing our strong company identity.

We express our gratitude and extend our love and respect to our management team, all employees, solution partners, and our customers who have always trusted us, providing significant contributions at every stage of the projects we have undertaken.

Seza Construction Board of Directors

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